Our trailers come with 2000lb torsion axles and  13" radial trailer tires with a spare mounted on a carrier under the deck.  We put a hand crank winch on the front and a full width steel roller on the back for the easiest loading and unloading of your boat.  We use sealed led lights and heat shrink connectors to eliminate wiring headaches.  We use a 3/4 inch plywood built with waterproof glue for decking.  It has a smooth sealed surface on top so your boat slides on and off with ease with no fear of splinters.  All trailers come with stake pockets on the front and sides so you can haul more than just your boat if need be.  The underside of the trailer is painted black and the exterior frame work is coated with a rubberized liner.  We also put a strip of coating around the outside of  the deck so you can walk around your boat loading dry boxes and coolers while it sits on the trailer and not worry about slipping off.   

We can also upgrade to larger axles and tires and wheels if you prefer.

We also do some custom welding and variations so if you have ideas of your own or something you would like added, just give us a call.  

Ask us about Boat Buckles as well.  We try to keep them in stock but its not easy!  They are by far the BEST way to strap your boat down to your trailer and we can install them for an additional $35 each.  We recommend one on all four corners.  Add them to your new trailer or get some for your old one.  You won't regret it.


Shown with optional Boat Buckles